What we do

Achieving  fair, loving and ecologically regenerative societies will need deep cultural shifts. These shifts will only be achieved by doing the things that enable us to feel loving and compassionate.

Humans are predominantly cooperative, social creatures with individualistic and competitive characteristics.  The intrinsic and extrinsic values that underpin these opposing behaviours are hardwired and culturally emphasised to different extents. 

We take the view that the current dominant cultural paradigm massively over emphasises the values that promote individual competitive behaviours.  This stands in the way of galvanising our intrinsic values into a wider response to the current crises.

There are many vested private and institutional interests and structures maintaining this status quo.  We work, therefore, to explicitly share, celebrate and connect together those whose ways of operating are already underpinned by intrinsic values.

Our role is to do all we can to promote the emergence of communities of people coalescing around shared values rather than siloed issues, working cooperatively to drive change that can transform practice and shift cultures. 

We are currently collaborating on developing and iterating two approaches to achieving this – Solidarity Matters and the Liminality Network.