Solidarity Matters

All over the world millions of people are already responding positively to the E4 crises. Despite this extraordinary energy, passion and commitment being manifested, we are a very long way from seeing proportionate or sufficiently urgent changes. We propose that, to unleash the rapid systemic changes so far missing, we need a range of cultural changes.

Solidarity Matters is a response to this clear and urgent need to foster the emergence of cultures based on compassion and universalism, for its own sake and to counter the expansion of fear and othering in the face of crises. It is currently conceived in three phases, Phase 1 Pilot (completed) Phase 2 Redesign and diversify (underway), Phase 3 organic/viral expansion.

Solidarity Matters seeks to create cultural shifts by connecting many people across diverse issues based on their commonly held intrinsic values and shared recognition of the need for systems change. We do this by bringing people together over 6 months in online sessions where they share experiences as they learn how to foster solidarity both as a group, and within their existing work and networks.

The intention is to catalyse the emergence of an ever more decentralised framework, helping to connect and strengthen existing efforts operating at different scales around the world. The Executive Summary (PDF) of the evaluation of the pilot can be downloaded below. If you would like more information please do email us.