Values based solidarity

The world faces a series of systemic challenges, often described as the E4 crises (Ecological, Energy, Economic and Equity). Responding to these challenges requires more than changing the rules or parameters of the existing political and economic systems. It requires transformative change that challenges the dominant paradigm itself, including the extrinsic values upon which it is largely based. Engaging intrinsic values and frames is central to the task of changing the paradigm.

All over the world millions of people are already responding positively to the E4 crises. Despite this extraordinary energy, passion and commitment being manifested, we are a very long way from seeing proportionate or sufficiently urgent changes. We propose that, to unleash the rapid systemic changes so far missing, we need a range of cultural changes.

We are piloting an approach to supporting, amplifying and accelerating the many, many responses to our converging crises by linking them together through explicit exploration of intrinsic values and a recognition of a need for urgent cultural and systems changes. A more detailed briefing paper on our approach can be downloaded below (PDF), and outcomes from the pilot will be shared in early 2020.