Hello – we hope you are well. Thanks for being here.

We are working on an experimental project to map and connect people having conversations in the ‘Systems and Culture Change’ domain.

The covid-19 crisis is stirring up lots of energy about our new normals in many conversations on different platforms. We want to help with system change by connecting everyone we meet and converse with, so that they can make meaningful, and more, connections, and hopefully impact.

We are in a fair number of these conversations ourselves, and have lots of enthusiasm and contacts.

Screengrab of a social network

Our experience of ‘networking’ projects is limited and we are looking for advice.

If you have advice to share

Conversations Mapping Project

We are exploring how to set up a ‘social network visualisation graph meets topic mapping’ tool that can visually map and reveal people and organisations having conversations about ‘systems and culture change’.

The tool will, as simply and visually as possible, map conversations in ways that activists and change agents can find people and organisations across silos having similar conversations to better align action and collaborate to catalyse change.

Our plan is to set up a prototype using a rapidly deployable SAAS product (tbd) and our initially small dataset of People, Organisations, Conversations, and Tags. If the prototype looks useful, we’ll proceed…


  • We are seeing overlap-able conversations about systems and culture change between different people and organisations
  • We want to enable the development of relationships between the people 
  • We want to map them because there is great potential in them being in relationship
  • We will use a taxonomy made of tags to filter, link and navigate between them
  • We want to be able to navigate by people and organisation and tags and conversation
  • We want to be able to see if people are in direct, or indirect relationship or not.
  • We will start with a working ‘V1’ set of tags which will form a ‘V1’ taxonomy to classify the conversations and organisations, and people
  • We will start small and simple, with a small dataset

What are we looking for?

  • Social Network Visualisation software for the prototype: in use, rapidly deployable, proven, supported
  • Examples of social network visualisation projects – particularly based on ‘conversations’ within specific subject domains – (extra points if they come with ‘lessons learnt’)
  • If anyone is doing this already we want to connect with them
  • Suggestions of social network visualisation software (rapidly deployable)
  • People who have done social network visualisation projects
  • Advice about our social network visualisation project

Who are we looking for?

  • Organisers who’ve done visual mapping projects
  • Developers who’ve used visual mapping software
  • Social scientists who’ve explored visual mapping
  • Software experts / providers with visual mapping software
  • Basically, experienced people who can help guide us

What are we offering?

For advice and experience, insight and wisdom, guidance and lessons learnt – at this prototype stage – we’ve got a lot of appreciations and respect for all advice shared.

For software – we have a small budget set aside for software if necessary 🙂

If you have advice to share